Nicely Done in South Carolina

NWF   |   October 14, 2009

Scwf logo Nice job by Ben Gregg of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation on a National Wildlife Federation telepress briefing today where Ben reiterated what Senators Graham and Kerry said Saturday: that it’s time for climate solutions that will create American jobs and increase our energy independence.

I know both Ben Gregg and Senator Graham personally. They have something in common besides being South Carolinians. Both are men of character who are adhering to their core principles in order to put what’s right for South Carolinians and their country first. As Ben said on the press call today, addressing climate change isn’t about isn’t left or right, it’s about right and wrong. And Senator Graham is adhering to his core principles of energy independence, economic opportunity and national security for America.

What Senator Graham has done has increased the chances that we will get a climate bill this year. I hope other elected officials will take note of Ben Gregg and the vast majority of Americans who want action on energy and climate, and follow in the footsteps of Sen. Graham’s courageous leadership.