2 Great Nature Photography Contests For Kids

With video games and television shows competing for your kid's downtime–it's great to know that there are rewards to exploring nature with nothing more than a camera and an imagination. I wanted to share two great photo contests that have some pretty neat prizes. 

1.) Lanie's Backyard Photo Contest:

Lanie's Backyard Photo Contest

In honor of American Girl's Girl of the Year there's a backyard photo contest that asks girls to take photos of five common nature sights for a chance to win one of their valuable doll collections. The contest is a great way to get a young girl outside and noticing the world around her. Just be sure to have your entries in by March 15, 2010!

American Girl is asking that girls take a photograph of any of the following nature items.






  2.) Ranger Rick's Photo Contest

Ranger Rick's photo contest asks kids to enter their BEST nature photograph and the winners get featured in Ranger Rick Magazine as well as on the website.

Here are three steps to entering Ranger Rick's Photo Contest:


If you know of any other great nature photography contests please share with us!

Published: January 3, 2010