Time For Some Serious Play

This week, National Wildlife Federation will turn Twitter and Facebook into a virtual playground – and inspire people to turn the computer off and play outside!

6 Ways To Play Along:

    1. Tweet playfully: Whenever you have fun outside this week (leaf jumping anyone?), tweet about it with the hashtag #playoutdoors. Then go back outside. :-)

    2. Get inspired: Print out our free Fall Outdoor Family Fun guide for all sorts of activities and tips to have fun outside.

    3. Behind the scenes at NWF: Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for fun activities, photos, and a funny peek into how our own office is squeezing outdoor time into our busy workdays. (We may have meetings outside, using sidewalk chalk instead of PowerPoint. Just saying.)

    4. Get involved: Sign up your family for Hike & Seek, an NWF-sponsored event that is a cross between a nature hike and scavenger hunt, aimed at bringing families together in the outdoors. This year, events will take place in Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Chicago!

    5. Turn Off the TV: On Sept. 25, Nickelodeon is hosting its 7th Annual Worldwide Day of Play, when the network goes dark for three hours (12-3) and encourages kids to go outside and play. So on Saturday, make sure you play, play, play!

    6. Share the joy: And finally, Sept. 24-30 is Take Your Child Outside Week. We think you’ll be plenty prepared to spread the word about that…

    Have fun out there!

    Find out more about National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There campaign!