NWF@AMS: Artists Help Scientists Tell Climate Story

The American Meteorological Society’s 91st Annual Meeting wraps up today at the Washington Convention Center. During the conference, the convention halls are featuring art that highlights weather and climate issues.

Some of the art was commissioned specifically for the AMS Meeting. Artists were invited to collaborate with scientists to produce works that told the story of the climate crisis.

This parka really stood out. The closer you look, the more detail you find telling the story of how global warming is devastating Alaska:

  • The line across the front shows the decline of Arctic sea ice extent
  • Wildlife impacted by global warming are shown “falling” down the parka
  • The fiery trim around the bottom features stock ticker symbols of oil giants & coal companies like Massey & BP

At a reception on Monday night, I got to meet the team behind the art – scientist Cecilia Bitz & artist Scott Schuldt:


You can read the full details on the parka at the NWFblogs page on Flickr.

Here’s another one that stood out – a sculpture using an old computer monitor & pine cones to show the destructive power of bark beetles:

Science-inspired Art at AMS