Join the iMatter March Ann Arbor this Sunday, May 15 at Noon!

This Sunday, May 15th at noon, youth from across the state of Michigan will be traveling to Ann Arbor to take part in the iMatter March. The youth-run march will raise awareness about the current climate crisis and ask the U.S. government to stop prioritizing corporations and give our atmosphere and planet the protection necessary for a healthy and prosperous future.

The Ann Arbor iMatter March is one of dozens of other marches being organized by youth across the globe. As the generation most affected by the climate crisis, young people around the world are standing in solidarity, letting their governments know that they matter, they have a voice and they’re going to use it to promote the urgency of putting an end to climate change by transitioning to an economy based off of clean energy.

Chloe Gleichman, the student organizer of the march said “The iMatter March is an opportunity for youth to engage in protecting their future and the future of the earth.  In today’s society, there are so many messages telling youth that we don’t matter.  That is simply wrong.  We are each powerful individuals and as a group, we are unstoppable.  This Sunday, we will take to the streets to demand that the government protects our right to exist and begins to govern as if the future matters.”

Youth take to the DC streets to march for a clean energy future at Power Shift 2011- Just as we'll do at the iMatter March Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor iMatter March route will begin at 12pm at the corner of North University St. and State St., then it will travel in a loop leading through Ann Arbor’s busy downtown streets and ending in the diag. In total the march will cover approximately 1.7 miles. The march kicks off at 12pm but come as early at 9am to help make those all important signs to march with.

Join the iMatter March this Sunday, May 15th at 12pm, to show your support for a more healthy and sustainable future!