Eco-Schools USA Eco-Code Excellence Challenge

Step seven of the Eco-Schools USA program asks schools to create their own Eco-Code. This code is a mission statement for the school that demonstrates, in a clear and imaginative way, the school’s commitment to improving its environmental performance.

Recently Eco-Schools USA staff in NWF’s Pacific Regional Center held an Eco-Code contest for schools in Washington.  Cash prizes were awarded to three schools that went above and beyond in designing Eco-Codes that spoke to their school’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

1st Prize – Billings Middle School

Their Eco-Code is a song. It includes such lines as ‘Get on a bike reinvent your life’ and ‘Take a ride, on the spud, a bio-diesel bus that we love.’ Access Billings Middle School’s blog to listen to the song!

2nd Prize – Kent Meridian High School

Their Eco-Code is a video. Directed by the students, the video outlines what actions the school has taken to go green…and the big plans they have for additional greening in the future! View the video here on our SchoolTube channel.

3rd Prize – Emily Dickinson Elementary/Explorer Community School

Their Eco-Code is a poster. It features the school’s mascot – a dragon, and the school’s wetlands area and trail. The school developed their Eco-Code by holding an internal Eco-Code contest at the school. Almost 200 students submitted entries!

Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to our winners!