Though the winter season is weeks away, we were offered a taste of it today. Such put me in a musical mood. This song, sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland,” is dedicated to my Be Out There friends.

Snowman with leaf hair
When it snows in October,
And it seems autumn’s over,
We go out and play
And have a great day
Building in a backyard wonderland.

Gone away is the cell phone.
Joyful smiles set a new tone.
We laugh with our friends.
It’s fun to pretend,
Building in a backyard wonderland.

In the garden we construct a snowman—
Leaves for hair that come from yonder tree.
He will melt but not our happy feelings.
They’ll live on in our family’s memory.

Later on when we’re older,
Thinking back to days much colder,
Mom and kids will both say
“I’m glad that we played.”
Our backyard is a treasured wonderland.