Seth Rogen Isn’t an Animal Guy

I had the good fortune to meet actor Seth Rogen when he guest-hosted the fourth hour of the Today Show last week with Hoda Kotb while Kathie Lee Gifford was taking a few days off.  Seth was there promoting his new film 50/50.  I was there, as always, promoting the National Wildlife Federation and our mission to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

I always tease Hoda because she gets uncomfortable around the animal ambassadors that I bring on my Today Show appearances (she makes the best faces!). But I have to say, I think Seth outdid Hoda with his reactions to the animals this time around.

Seth was a good sport and I guess not everyone can be an animal geek like me, but how could you say that the baby wildebeest that I bottle fed during the segment was ugly?!

Watch the clip and tell me what YOU think.


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Published: October 6, 2011