Squirrel Appreciation Day: 5 Ways to Go Nuts

January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day (#squirrelday) and this year, in honor of our tree-inclined friends I thought we could swap squirrel stories and memories.  I’ve been thinking a lot about how wildlife impact our daily life, and very few animals are as accessible as squirrels. They scamper openly in parks, they take advantage of our bird feeding and they make interstates out of our power lines. It’s hard not to be impressed by an animal that has adapted to humans so well.

Here are five ways you can celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day.

1.) Share your Squirrel Story: If you have a blog, Facebook profile or have access to human contact on a regular basis, I think a good way to appreciate these little rascals is to share your squirrel story. If you do decide to share your story online, please consider linking to this post or doing a shout-out so we can share the stories. If you don’t have a blog, leave your story in a comment! If you hate online and just happen to have stumbled onto this post, talk to the person next to you and regal a tale you have squirreled away.

2.) Upload Squirrel Pictures: The National Wildlife Federation’s Pinterest has a board for Squirrel Appreciation Day and so post your photos to our Facebook Wall or use #squirrelday on Twitter and Pinterest and we’ll collect them!

3) Share Squirrel quotes or facts and use hashtag #squirrelday:

Sample Quotes:

  • TV Show Quote: “You can’t make friends with a squirrel. Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits.” – Carrie in Sex and the City
  • Book:  “Rarely does one see a squirrel tremble.” ― Zadie Smith, On Beauty #squirrelday
  • Movie:  “Hi there! My name is Dug! My master made me this collar so I may speak… “SQUIRREL!” Dug from Up
  • Fact: “There are around 280 different species of squirrel.”
  • Fact: “The word “squirrel” comes from the Greek word skiouros, which means shadow-tailed.”

4) Follow Some  Squirrels on Twitter

1. Common_SquirrelBio: run run run.
2. Conan’s Squirrel–  Bio: The voice of the squirrels. You’re welcome, squirrels.
3. Busch Squirrel Bio: aka the rally squirrel; the one and only Busch Stadium squirrel. Rally Squirrel T-shirts
4. Mensa Squirrel– I’m smart, fast, and cute. But my memory’s not so good.
Cheecker – Hi friends! I’m Cheecker. I’m here to teach you how to get outdoors and discover the forest.

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