Video: Share the Love for Offshore Wind

On Valentine’s Day hundreds of advocates from across Maryland gathered in Annapolis to share the love for offshore wind.  Appropriately-sited offshore wind will help Maryland achieve its renewable energy goals, reduce emissions, and improve air and water quality, while ensuring the protection of the Atlantic’s precious ecosystem and specifically its fish and wildlife resources.

Clean Energy is Essential to Future of Wildlife

Transitioning to clean energy sources, such as Atlantic offshore wind, is one of the essential ways to protect wildlife for our children’s future.  Sea level rise caused by global warming pollution is the single biggest threat to wildlife and habitats like the Chesapeake Bay.  With its expansive coastline, low-lying topography, and growing coastal population, the Chesapeake Bay region is among the places in the nation most vulnerable to sea level rise.  Treasured places like Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and Tangier Sound and the wildlife species that depend on them are at risk.

Offshore Wind Works For Maryland

Watch advocates from climate, health and business groups share how offshore wind works for Maryland.


Offshore wind will help improve our environment and quality of life while bolstering our economy.  The average price of electricity in Maryland has doubled over the last decade, in large part due to the volatile cost of fossil fuels.  We currently import 30% of our energy from neighboring states, primarily coal from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Because the fuel (wind) is free, offshore wind power offers the ability to lock-in long-term energy prices for 25 years or more without the threat of rising fossil fuel prices.  In addition, one moderate-sized offshore wind farm would create 1,550 jobs for Maryland workers.

Show Your Support for Maryland Offshore Wind

Join the National Wildlife Federation in working with supporters and a broad coalition of partners all along the Atlantic coast to build momentum and support for the rapid, responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources.  By diversifying our energy portfolio with offshore wind we can help ensure energy security, price stability, and pollution reductions while achieving significant environmental benefits over fossil fuels which are the biggest threat to our environment.

You can demonstrate your support for the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2012 by contacting your delegate and senator.

Take Action

If you live in Maryland,  tell your legislators and governor that you support of offshore wind