Vote for the “Face of Garden for Wildlife Month”

Why are some of your favorite backyard wildlife species feeling a little competitive this spring? Because they all want to be the new “Face of Garden for Wildlife Month!” And they need YOU to help decide the winner!

May is Garden for Wildlife Month and this year National Wildlife Federation is asking you to vote for the backyard critter you think should represent the month. The winning animal will help inspire hundreds of thousands of people around the world to garden with the needs of wildlife in mind.

Here are this year’s contenders:

Monarch Butterfly

Pollinators like butterflies are on the decline worldwide so they are relying on friends like you to help them thrive.


Get ready for Garden for Wildlife Month by turning your backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat site today!


With over 20 hummingbird species in the United States, there’s sure to be one in your region that you can attract by planting red, tubular flowers.


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 Gray Squirrel

The gray squirrel certainly makes for a busy backyard visitor by hoarding its food throughout the year, and then relying on landmarks to retrieve it.


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American Goldfinch

Attract these colorful, social feeders with some of their favorite foods, such as nyjer seeds.