Video: Michigan Voters Can Vote YES on Renewable Energy

The Great Lakes are heating up, along with my desire for clean energy to end our over-dependence on dirty fuels. This summer, I was shocked to feel the impacts of climate change so close to home while swimming in Lake Michigan’s waters, which had reached over 80 degrees, and could not believe it when the normally frigid Lake Superior became warm enough for me to swim in.

Voting YES on Michigan Standard for Renewable Energy

This November 6, Michigan voters like me face an easy choice. Do we keep spending billions to import coal from other states and oil from the Middle East that are fueling climate change? Or do we move Michigan to a clean, renewable energy. I think the answer is clear. When we have the clear capability to produce nearly carbon free energy here, in state, I undoubtedly chose the policy that will support Michigan workers and give preference to Michigan manufacturers.


As a Michigan voter, this November 6th I will get to vote YES on proposal 3, “A Proposal to Amend the State Constitution to Establish a Standard for Renewable Energy”  Proposal 3 will increase Michigan’s renewable energy standard to 25% by 2025 though investing in clean sources such as wind, solar, and biomass.

Pledge to Vote YES on Michigan Proposal 3

Take Action This summer’s heat are only making invasive species problems worse for the Great Lakes–pledge to vote YES on Michigan’s proposal 3.

If you live in Michigan, make sure you don’t miss out on this important vote for renewable energy–your vote counts in protecting the future of the Great Lakes from climate change . Prepare to vote by having a look at a sample ballot.

And if you are over 60 or expect to be away from your Michigan polling place on Tuesday, November 6th, you may be eligible for an absentee ballot. Be sure to apply for your absentee ballot this week, before the Tuesday, October 9th deadline!