John Gale on a farm huntingFor many Americans, they first experienced nature on a grand scale on a farm. Sometimes it was their home, sometimes it was their grandparent’s home.

As Congress debates the Farm Bill, National Wildlife Federation encourages you to think about how time on a farm inspires you to protect wildlife.

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How Did Time on a Farm Inspire You to Be a Conservationist?

Staff and volunteers from National Wildlife Federation share their farm memories and how it impacts them today:


Get to Know the Storytellers

Cynthia RadcliffeJohn GaleCynthia Radcliffe is a long-time and much appreciated volunteer at the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes office doing wolf education. Time on her grandparents’ farm as a child, exploring the woods and pastures, was a critical factor inspiring her lifelong conservation work.

John Gale is a regional representative for National Wildlife Federation in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah. He builds relationships with sportsmen and other partners in the region. He lives in Colorado now, but grew up in Idaho on a farm. John is inspired to protect wildlife in particular for his daughter, Harlan.

Day Breitag
Simone LightfootSimone Lightfoot works with National Wildlife Federation on Regional Urban Initiatives. She collaborates with leaders in urban centers throughout the Great Lakes Region to strengthen the work being done on energy and sustainability; green job development; air and water quality; brown field and hazardous waste clean-up; and environmental justice issues. Simone first became interested in conservation when visiting farms with her grandmother.

Day Breitag cultivates relationships with National Wildlife Federation donors from her farm in South Dakota. She grew up in Chicago and has lived in many places, but her heart is now on the farm, where her family competes in rodeos and gets inspired by prairie vistas.


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Did time on a farm inspire you to care about conservation?