Weekly News Roundup: August 9, 2013

NWF   |   August 9, 2013

What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?

Polar bear


NWF Taking Action

New Poll: Minnesotans Support Action on Asian Carp

Asian Carp

June 7– Minnesotans of all political colors support closing the locks in Minneapolis to stop the spread of the invasive Asian carp, according to new poll released today by conservation organizations. Support for lock closure crosses party lines, with majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in favor. Lock closure is one important step in the fight to stop Asian Carp from invading Minnesota’s waterways, including the Great Lakes.

Read the poll and graphic of findings at http://stopcarp.org/

“Our polling indicates that protecting Minnesota’s waters from Asian carp unites Republicans, Democrats and Independents,” said Emma White, senior director at Belden Russonello Strategists, LLC, the Washington, D.C.,-based firm which wrote and administered the poll. “Voters of all political stripes support closing locks on the Mississippi River as a way to prevent Asian carp from moving further upstream into Minnesota’s rivers and lakes.”

Learn more about what NWF is doing to prevent Asian Carp from harming the Great Lakes.


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

WeatherChannel.com: In the Hot Seat: 12 Species at Risk from Climate Change

The polar bear has been one of the “faces” of the climate change movement, namely because sea ice, which the animal depends on to feed, breed and travel, is melting, a National Wildlife Federation report states. “As the extent of sea ice has declined, most markedly in the southern portions of their range, so has polar bear body size, reproductive success and survival of cubs.”

Tri-Valley Times : Owl family checks into Burlingame hotel

“They’re pretty adaptive to human structures,” said Beth Pratt, California director for the National Wildlife Federation. “Is it typical for them to be in a busy hotel? That’s a little different from what I’ve seen.”

Portland Tribune: How to attract birds to your garden

If you follow most of the tips here you’ll be well on your way to making your yard eligible for “Certified Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Close locks before Asian carp infestation grows

This morning, a poll will be released in the Twin Cities by the National Wildlife Federation indicating that Minnesotans’ patience has run thin with the glacial pace with which Congress has considered this important matter.

FOX 9 News (Minneapolis): ASIAN CARP: Does Minneapolis need to close its locks?

A poll released by the National Wildlife Federation and other conservation groups said 63 percent of Minnesota voters would support closing locks in Minneapolis to prevent the spread of Asian carp up the Mississippi River.