Three Wildlife-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to set that New Year’s Resolution–For 2014, think Wildlife!

Tis the season, where everyone is mulling over clever New Year’s resolutions—fresh ones, ones not too outrageous and out of reach that success becomes impossible. What would be a welcoming departure from the usuals—getting fit, sleeping more (my personal favorite!), reading more books?

This year, how about we set some resolutions that are about what we can do for our neighbors—including wildlife. And because my job is to inspire people to tackle climate change, and to offer ways for you to be part of the solution, I have just the right resolutions for 2014.

I only offer 3—but these three local actions can go a long way for wildlife.

Resolve to “Put Solar On It”.
1. Put Solar on It! This is a new motivating campaign sponsored by Mosaic that calls on people to make installing solar power a personal resolution. Whether on your school, business, or place of worship, you will be given all the tips to help you be successful, including how to finance your idea.

Resolve to put solar on it in your community or home today.

This national campaign is inspiring folks from Mark Ruffalo to high school students and parents, because it’s tangible, reachable, and long overdue. And what’s more, a solar panel on a rooftop has nearly no interference with wildlife!

After you resolve to Put Solar On It, find out how to go solar on the roof of your home with National Wildlife Federation through Sungevity.

Summer foliage in the National Mall. Flickr photo by Lia.
Flickr photo by Lia.
2.  Organize a tree planting in your town. Every neighborhood could use a few more trees.

And trees have lots of benefits—they keep streams intact when banks are taxed during extreme weather events; reduce the heat islands that plague nearly every major urban and suburban area; and they absorb carbon pollution.

Of course, trees also help provide much needed habitat for wildlife.

Set a goal: Plant 100 trees by year’s end.Join NWF’s Trees for the 21st Century and make this a resolution that others can be part of.

SYH Certified Habitat Sign
Certified habitat.
3. Certify your community as a wildlife habitat. With more extreme seasons upon us, local wildlife need green space for food, water and shelter. Every public space and gathering place can be part of this effort. Combine this with your tree planting goal and you’ve got yourself a 2-fer resolution!

Make 2014 the year your community joins the growing list of certified habitats nationwide!

We know 2014 likely won’t be less busy for us than 2013, so where will we find the time to achieve any of these resolutions? Be creative. Find some friends to join you (like you do when you set that dreaded “join the gym” resolution). Set realistic goals and stay local. And most of all, have fun.