Two Easy, Gooey, Fun Winter Bird Feeding Projects

Here are two simple, cute projects that you could make right now to help the birds in your yard. Like us, at this time of year birds and other backyard wildlife are facing colder temperatures and scarce food resources in many regions of the country. Let’s give them a hand (or at least some seeds and suet)!

Suet Ornaments

Decorated Suet Ornaments
Decorated Suet Ornaments
If you have ever made cookies, you can do this suet ornament activity.

  1. Mix up the suet with seeds.
  2. Squish it in cookie cutters
  3. Remove the cutters (the trickiest part) because they stick.
  4. Add a large paper clip for a hook.
  5. Freeze in your freezer.
  6. Hang outside.


Suet Feeder

Egg Carton Suet Feeder
Egg Carton Suet Feeder
Just like the suet ornaments, this project starts a lot like baking cookies. In fact, the ingredients in this project smell a lot more like cookies while you are stirring them up.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cardboard egg carton
  • mixing bowl and spoons
  • needle nose pliers
  • newspaper
  • 2 thick rubber bands (like the ones from when you buy brocolli)
  • scissors
  • suet (about 3 cups) or homemade filling made from ingredients below
  • wire clothes hanger or heavy gauge wire

Get the rest of the instructions on how to make the suet feeder from an egg carton now.

Why Make These Suet Bird Feeding Projects?

National Wildlife Federation encourages people to garden for wildlife, and we even have a program that shows you how. We encourage you to plant native plants that will provide food, cover and places to raise young for wildlife all year round. But in the deepest, darkest winter, sometimes we also like to provide seeds, fruits and suet to help birds and squirrels. It’s our way of helping wildlife, but also a way to help our families feel connected to wildlife. And the second goal is just as important. My kids have always enjoyed working on projects that help our neighborhood birds, squirrels and chipmunks. They get a big thrill seeing the wildlife visit the feeders they made.

I know a few adults who get just as excited.

Consider creating a wildlife-friendly yard and certifying it with the National Wildlife Federation. Help wildlife and help your family feel that connection to wildlife.