Restoration Funding Bill Dies in La. Senate Committee

Brown_pelicanx600_USFWS A bill that was meant to protect Louisiana’s Coastal Restoration and Protection Fund (Coastal Fund) quietly died before it hit the Senate floor in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana House Bill 490 (HB490), a bill that received unanimous support in the House, would have closed a loophole that allowed money to be funneled between state programs via the Coastal Fund.

Unfortunately, HB490 was deferred by the Senate Finance Committee, which means it is dead for this year.

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped us push for the passage to restore the integrity of coastal restoration efforts in Louisiana. While we’re very disappointed by this outcome, we are incredibly appreciative and blown away by the hundreds of allies like you that spoke up in support of this bill.

While we didn’t win this battle, we will continue to push forward to restore wildlife habitats of the Mississippi River Delta. Thank you for all you do to protect wildlife and restore the Gulf Coast.