And The 2015 NWF Affiliate of the Year Award Goes To…

The Renewable Resources Coalition and Foundation (RRC/F) of Alaska!

Founded in 2005, the mission of Renewable Resources Coalition, a 501(c)6, and Renewable Resources Foundation (RRF), a 501(c)4, is to protect the ongoing viability of Alaska’s fish and game resources and the habitat upon which they depend, and to educate the public on issues that affect these renewable resources.

Renewable Resources Coalition and Foundation
Renewable Resources Coalition and Foundation Directors Melissa Heuer and Anders Gustafson accept award from NWF Board Chair Deborah Spaulding and CEO Collin O’Mara. Photo by Kaila Drayton.
At National Wildlife Federation’s 79th Annual Meeting in Shepherdstown, W. VA, this year, NWF honored its Alaska state affiliate, Renewable Resources Coalition and Foundation (RRC/F), with its prestigious Affiliate of the Year Award.

Protecting Alaska’s Wilderness

With the looming threat of the development of Pebble Mine, RRC/F has fought to protect Bristol Bay, one of the world’s last great wildlands and home to the largest remaining wild salmon runs in the world. Thanks largely to the innovative and effective work of RRC/F, this disastrous project is now immensely unpopular with a majority of Alaskans and has become an issue of national importance.

Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye Salmon are one of the wildlife species RRC/F is working to protect in Bristol Bay. Photo by The FishEyeGuy.
One of their most visible successes has been the creation of Salmonstock – an annual music and arts festival that continues to educate thousands of young Alaskans about protecting Bristol Bay and the region’s wild salmon runs.

Last year, RRC/F launched an aggressive state ballot initiative campaign to protect Bristol Bay for years to come. The Bristol Bay Forever Initiative passed in November by wide margins statewide. The Initiative ensures that “large-scale” metallic sulfide mining operations(s) will not constitute a danger to the fishery within Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.” This standard of “do danger to the fishery” will apply not only to Pebble Mine, but to any potential large-scale metallic sulfide mine proposed in the region.

Bristol Bay, Alaska by The FishEyeGuy.
Bristol Bay, Alaska. Photo by The FishEyeGuy.
RRC/F’s incredible success on this vital issue is the result of work by a small staff and many volunteers around the state who advocated for the protection of Bristol Bay. Thanks to the tremendous work of RRC/F, we are now within reach of winning this battle and protecting Bristol Bay, and its wild salmon and wildlife, forever.

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