March Motivation: Four Inspirational NWF EcoLeaders

Here in Washington D.C., the cherry blossoms have recently reached an early peak bloom, and people everywhere are getting the urge to go out and reconnect with nature. Developing and sustaining that connection with a thriving biodiverse ecosystem is a topic that each of the four EcoProfessionals spotlighted this month for “NWF EcoLeaders Top 50: Inspiring the Next Generation” touch upon.

Throughout 2016, the EcoLeaders Career Center, hosted by the National Wildlife Federation and our partners, is celebrating the motivating stories and career accomplishments of young professionals making their names (and a difference) in the sustainability movement. We’re calling this group of change-makers and rising stars “The EcoLeaders List” and are announcing a new group of inspirational leaders each month this year.

Featured EcoProfessionals for March

Phil Aroneanu: Phil was one of the founders of and is now a Campaign Strategy and Organizing Consultant ( He was also a member of the 2004 NWF Emerging Leaders Fellows group. Read Phil’s full interview here.

“Inspirational women leaders are out there. I think helping make space for those voices to come to the fore is important… and I hope that in the next 10 years of the climate movement there are a lot more women at the helm of organizations and at the helm of the movement.” – Phil Aroneanu

Photo Courtesy of Phil Aroneanu
Photo Courtesy of Phil Aroneanu
Kamilah Martin. Photo Courtesy of Danny Powell
Photo Courtesy of Danny Powell

Kamilah Martin: Kamilah is an Associate Director for the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Program, which is a global program that “works to give young people the tools and the platform to make a difference in their community.” As a 2014 NWF Emerging Leaders Fellow, Kamilah focused on researching best practices and collaborate with industry leaders to engage underrepresented populations. Read Kamilah’s full interview here.

“I’ve really been lucky because, for pretty much all of my jobs, I’ve had really strong women bosses who are really interested in developing other young people and young leaders. These women have influenced my life and my career and that’s been really important to me.” – Kamilah Martin

Photo Courtesy of Evan Reimondo
Photo Courtesy of Evan Reimondo

Evan Reimondo: Evan is the Founder of Western Sense, a nonprofit that grew out of his “Portraits of Wyoming” NWF Fellowship, and he is an Environmental Stewardship Coordinator at National Outdoor Leadership School. Read Evan’s full interview here.

“Demonstrating your willingness to work hard and be committed to something is usually the first step in getting involved in bigger projects. If you can show that you’re passionate, committed, and dedicated, that’s usually step one.” – Evan Reimondo

Cody Kamrowski: Cody is an EcoLeader and a student at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Cody’s EcoLeaders project is to use best practices to expand conservation leadership programs, specifically the Conservation Leadership Corps, which is a program of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. Read Cody’s full interview here.

“When you get nervous about something, or when you’re outside of your comfort zone, is when I feel you take the most out of an experience.” – Cody Kamrowski

Photo Courtesy of Cody Kamrowski
Photo Courtesy of Cody Kamrowski

Read full interviews in the NWF EcoLeaders Career Center. EcoLeaders is the nation’s first project-based leadership development program for sustainability, leading to certification for college students and young professionals. EcoLeaders provides a career edge that helps the planet while helping thousands of emerging leaders do well by doing good for their communities. Read more about the perks, history and how to get involved here.

If you think that you, or someone you know, would be a great addition to this list as it grows throughout the year and beyond, please send us a brief email with contact information and a quick bio at