Trees for Wildlife – The Gift that Keeps Giving

This Giving Tuesday, for every $10 that you donate to protect wildlife across the country, one native tree will be planted. You have the opportunity to join us in the fight to protect wildlife, while also directly providing wildlife with food, water, and shelter for years to come.

How could wildlife use the incredible gift of trees? Here are a few examples.

A young black bear will eat the acorns of the Southern Live Oak.

Black Bear
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

A red-cockaded woodpecker will create a nest cavity in mature longleaf pine forests, and also forage for insects beneath trees’ bark.

Photo Courtesy of USFWS
Photo courtesy of USFWS

A Northern Spotted Owl will make a nest for their young in tree hollows, which can be found in old-growth forests, particularly Douglas-fir forests. They tend to prefer snags, or standing dead trees.

spotted owl
Photo courtesy of Julio Molero via Flickr

A moose family will snack on a red maple, a tasty treat enjoyed by these and other wildlife.

Photo Courtesy of Philippe Henry, NWF Photo Contest Entrant
Photo courtesy of Philippe Henry, NWF Photo Contest Entrant

A catfish will spawn in the submerged hollow logs of the Bald Cypress tree.

Photo courtesy of Nighthawk Publications

A ruffed grouse will find a home and food under the branches of the quaking aspen.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Castillo via Flickr

An Indiana bat will take advantage of the loose bark of the Shagbark Hickory tree to make a snug nest.

Photo courtesy of Adam Mann, Environmental Solutions and Innovations

Wood frogs will find shelter in leaf litter in forests in the northeast and Alaska.

Photo courtesy of Dave Huth

Arboreal salamanders will lay their eggs in damp logs found in coastal live oak woodlands.

Photo Courtesy of J. Maughn
Photo courtesy of J. Maughn

Millions of wild animals rely on trees every day, to provide food, water, shelter, and a place to raise young. Provide for wildlife for years to come – donate today and for every $10 you donate to the National Wildlife Federation, a tree will be planted.

Give wildlife the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

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Published: November 29, 2016