One Day, More than 6,000 Trees for Wildlife

On Giving Tuesday 2016 — a global day for giving back to the causes that matter most to us — a new one-day record for NWF was set for giving native trees to help wildlife survive and thrive. People who cherish and care about the future of wildlife turned out in force to give more than 6,000 trees for wildlife. Thank you!

From ruby-throated hummingbirds resting on sugar maple branches to scrub jays searching for insects in bald cypress to young black bears eating acorns fallen from oaks, countless wildlife will benefit from the generosity and commitment of the National Wildlife Federation community.

Every one of the native trees donated for wildlife will be planted in the United States and cared for by school children and community members, nurturing wildlife — and the next generation of wildlife conservationists — for years to come.

 Nate Daugherty and Chase Daugherty planting trees.
Planting trees at the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail in Clermont Florida. Photo by Neva Wagner.

Together, we’re planting a grove of good with the 6,000 life-giving native trees that friends of wildlife like you gave to help sustain wildlife and make our communities healthier for decades.

Give Trees It’s not too late to give trees for wildlife! $50 will plant five native trees.

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Published: December 14, 2016