Cast a Vote for Sea Turtles

We’re urging friends of wildlife in Florida to vote for sea turtles and all marine wildlife by checking YES for Amendment 9 at the ballot box to ban offshore drilling for oil and gas off Florida’s coasts. If passed, Amendment 9 will ban oil and gas drilling in state waters, 10 miles off Florida’s Gulf coast and three miles off the Atlantic coast – reducing the likelihood of an oil spill and helping to preserve the lives of sea turtles.

Florida voters: Protect wildlife and our oceans by pledging to vote YES on Amendment 9.

loggerhead sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtles have huge appetites — they will eat anything that looks like a meal, even if it is a toxic ball of tar from an oil tanker or spill. Photo by USFWS.

In April 2017, The Trump Administration announced plans for offshore oil and gas drilling in virtually all of the waters along our Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. By handing control of our ocean waters to oil and gas companies, thousands of miles of beach nesting areas and life-filled waters off our coasts are now at risk for deadly oil and chemical spills, seismic testing, industrial operations and more.

The risk of massive oil and chemical spills that harmed and killed birds, dolphins, sea turtles and shorebirds in the past could threaten pristine beaches and marine habitats along Florida’s entire coastline.

This year, Floridians can stand up for coastal wildlife and communities when casting their ballots by checking YES on Amendment 9!