Investing in Wildlife Recovery

The United States has led the world when it comes to conserving fish and wildlife, and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) plays a critical role in this legacy. Passed in 1973 with massive bipartisan support, the ESA provides an essential safety net for our nation’s fish and wildlife.

ESA success stories include recovering iconic species like the bald eagle, American alligator, brown pelican, and the Louisiana black bear. But wildlife and biodiversity remain in crisis, and the ESA remains an essential tool for staving off a wave of extinctions. Unfortunately, Congress has chronically underfunded the ESA, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal agencies have particular difficulty securing adequate funding for less charismatic species.

That’s why the National Wildlife Federation was so pleased to see the House Natural Resources Committee include critical investments for Endangered Species Act programs in the Build Back Better Act. These investments will help wildlife managers save some of the most imperiled species in the U.S. while creating short-term habitat restoration jobs and reducing regulatory uncertainty. 

Learn more about at-risk species in your state, and why funding for species recovery is more important than ever!