Quick Cut: Why take the elevator when you can take the stairs?

NWF   |   April 20, 2006
One quick and easy way to conserve energy is to take the stairs and leave the elevator for another day. The average office elevator consumes 350 watts of electricity to travel from one floor to the next. By taking the stairs, you will conserve energy and get some exercise at the same time. In this energy conscious time, more and more individuals and groups are taking action to conserve energy and save money. The National Park Service has developed energy conservation tips, Greening the National Park Service, Harvard University in Massachusetts launched a “Take the Stairs” campaign in the campus’ William James Hall, and the University of California at Berkeley hosted a “Take the Stairs Day” last November.

Elevators are a necessity for people physically unable to use the stairs or who are transporting heavy items. But if possible, take the stairs when you can. To be safe, make sure the stairs are well lit. Read more about energy conservation initiatives from National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Campus Ecology members at the NWF Campus Ecology website.