The Price of a Vote

NWF   |   May 3, 2006

Senate Republicans want to give you a hundred dollars before you go to the polls and vote on their performance this November.

This is a frightening attempt to buy your vote.  And it’s connected to another really bad idea–allowing Exxon/Mobil to drill in the treasured Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Don’t be fooled by this scheme.  Congress will need to borrow about ten billion from future taxpayers (including you) to pay you before you vote in the November election.

You and your children will pay it all back, and with current interest rates on Federal debt, you will pay about $200 in future taxes and much of that will go to the Chinese and other international investors who are carrying our ever-growing National debt.

As part of the deal, Exxon/Mobil or some other bidder will get the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for its future development.  When it comes to political contributions, big oil speaks and politicians listen.

The most cynical aspect of this is that politicians think all Americans can be bought.  I hope not.