Vote “Wild” This Election Day

A Bear VotesIf bears could vote, what kind of candidate would they cast their ballots for? This goofy flash video created back in 2000 landed in my inbox the other day to answer just that question.

But how many people vote for the bears? Do you? Do you even know where your candidates stand on important wildlife issues such as global warming and protecting America’s land and water? If you do know, does it affect your vote?

“Americans care about the environment, but they don’t usually vote that way in elections for president or Congress,” said a Reuters article published today (Americans favor environment; votes don’t show it, 10/30/06).

In fact, only 3 percent of U.S. voters said the environment was the most important issue to them when casting their ballots in recent elections.

And where did that get us? To a country where the politicians are too busy opening our public lands to oil drills and rolling back habitat protections to even care about the issue of the century, global warming.

Will this be the year that changes? If you’re voting for wildlife this Election Day, let your friends and neighbors know. Download these free “I’m Voting for…” stickers to wear to the polls. What sticker will you be wearing?

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Published: October 30, 2006