Step It Up, America

NWF   |   April 13, 2007

Tomorrow, there will be over 1,350 rallies in every state in the Union.  People are joining together with the hope that by speaking out together, Congress will hear our voices and pass legislation to reduce global warming pollution 80% by 2050. 

Step It Up 07 has turned into a larger deal than its organizers could have ever guessed 11 weeks ago.  They thought they might be able to organize a hundred rallies, maybe 150–instead, thanks almost entirely to the deep desire of Americans to finally get something done about global warming– the 1100 mark was passed earlier this month. It’s going to be one of the largest days of grassroots environmental protest around the country since Earth Day 1970–and it’s drawing dozens of Congressmen and Senators to rallies in their home states and districts.


Go to Step It Up 07 to learn about an action in your area and join in with millions of others speaking out on behalf of addressing global warming.  And tune in to the website of Step It Up 07 to watch the photos.  Some of them of them should be truly amazing–the underwater demonstrations off the Florida Keys, the people crowding into lower Manhattan to show where the sea will someday be, and others. 

Published: April 13, 2007