NWF Get-Together at Power Shift 2007

Texas20southern20students_3 National Wildlife Federation (NWF) hosted a luncheon at the Power Shift conference on Saturday, November 3, at the Marriot Conference Center on the University of Maryland campus. The luncheon was packed with 62 students (and 2 campus staff) from 20 campuses, including Ball State University, Colby College, Furman University, Texas Southern University, Macalester College, Randolph College, Richard Stockton College, and the University of Maryland. NWF’s president and CEO Larry Schweiger and Chairman of the Board Tom Gonzales, as well as Julian Keniry, Kristin Kranendonk, Justin Schott, and Praween Dayananda from the Campus Ecology program, addressed the audience and students were invited to speak about their motivation for joining Power Shift 2007. The luncheon was a great opportunity for Campus Ecology members, fellows, and others to network and learn what others are doing to confront global warming on their campuses.

Photo: Students from Texas Southern University, copyright Julian Keniry

Published: November 15, 2007