Senate Filibuster Stalls Landmark Energy Bill

NWF   |   December 7, 2007

I woke up this morning hopeful we were one step closer to a new energy future. But then I turned on CSPAN and was dismayed to see the Senate unable to move forward and pass the good energy package the House passed just yesterday.

I thought Christmas came early when the House passed the energy bill. But the Grinch has arrived.

The vote was 53-42 in favor of ending debate and moving to a vote on final passage. Rules dictate that you need 60 votes to end debate. So we’re back to haggling.

Forty-two senators blocked a landmark energy bill deal that has united the auto industry, environmentalists and labor.

Senators who are blocking this energy deal are playing into the hands of OPEC and the oil industry at the expense of American families.

Voters need to let these senators know that stalling tactics are unacceptable, and we need action today to combat global warming and reduce our oil dependency.

This isn’t over. The American people want a new, clean energy future, and we intend to get one.

Published: December 7, 2007