Hunter, Anglers and Race Car Driver–Oh My!

NWF   |   June 3, 2008

_mg_7737 Today over twenty hunters and anglers, a racecar driver and other National Wildlife Federation supporters came to Washington DC in support of the Climate Security Act. Gathering together in a local hotel conference room, CEO and President of NWF, Larry Schweiger spoke to the group about the importance of their voices to the political process in addressing global warming. Staff then helped explain the in’s and out’s of what these citizens will encounter when going to Capitol Hill to meet with elected officials.

Later, sportsman and TV personality, Tony Dean spoke to the crowd and echoed Schweiger’s early comments by talking about his first hand experiences going to the Hill. Mr. Dean explained how heart felt letters, calls and visits do make a difference to those officials. He mentioned how global warming is impacting the fields and waters he loves to hunt and fish and why it’s important for all of us to protect these natural resources.

Also in attendance, Leilani Munter a racecar driver and environmentalist with a degree in biology is back for second time on behalf of the National Wildlife Federation and supporting the Climate Security Act.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to support strong legislation to stop global warming visit.

David Pierpont
Online Advocacy Manager
National Wildlife Federation

Published: June 3, 2008