First it was the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition. They came to DC to make sure Congress passed climate change legislation that protected wildlife from the worst effects of global warming.

Then the Great Lakes Coalition arrived. They asked Congress to clean up America's water supplies, and pass comprehensive climate change legislation.

Then Power Shift 2009. Twelve thousand students in town, lobbying for a clean energy future.

Last week, a coalition of tribal leaders came to ask Congress to restore our natural world, and respect our natural resources. They too asked for comprehensive climate legislation.

It's everyone really. Americans from all walks of life are agreed on one thing. We need to cap global warming pollution this year, and we need to invest in restoring our natural world.

So take heart in knowing that thousands of Americans are travelling to Washington to speak up for wildlife and for our children's future.  You can join them too.

If you want to lobby your officials in person, let us know you're coming to town!

Otherwise, send a message to Congress today. Let them know that you're just another American for a clean energy future.

Published: March 10, 2009