North American Wildlife Conference

The North American Wildlife And Natural Resources Conference took place last week with a strong focus on climate.  The conference is an annual gathering of state and federal wildlife and natural resources managers, together with other environmental organizations.  

The agency representatives are responsible for many endangered ecosystems and have already begun to see and manage for global warming impacts.

National Wildlife Federation played a key role in education many of the participants on the variety of challenges global warming presents.  NWF hosted an all day seminar discussing on the ground management strategies that are already being implemented. 

NWF also hosted a breakfast that covered the impacts of sea level rise, saltwater intrusion, and intense hurricanes on Coastal Louisiana, explaining how climate needs to be incorporated into any plans for coastal restoration.  Coping with global warming was also an important part of the plan to restore the South's dwindling longleaf pine forests, another issue addressed by NWF at the conference.

Published: March 25, 2009