NWF Alaska Office (and Dog) Survives Quake

A moderate earthquake shook Alaska on Monday. Fortunately, the 5.4 magnitude quake was centered away from densely-populated areas. The Associated Press described the scene at NWF’s Alaska Regional Center:

Still, Monday’s widely felt earthquake was enough to force a nervous pause among residents. At the Anchorage office of the National Wildlife Federation, even the office dog, Oliver, trembled and wagged his tail slowly.

Office manager Heather McGee watched as her cup of tea shook near her keyboard. “I’m unscathed, but my tea spilled,” she said.

How much do they love Oliver in our Anchorage office? I emailed Heather asking for a picture of him and she immediately sent back a file titled “Oliver_awesome.jpg”:


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Published: June 25, 2009