Zionsville Community Habitat and Indiana Wildlife Federation

NWF   |   June 8, 2009

Color corr Zionsville Habitat Dedication Elizabeth Mueller John Goss Over the weekend, I was proud to join the community of Zionsville, Indiana at the dedication of a sign honoring their Community Wildlife Habitat. I joined Elizabeth Mueller, the Zionsville resident who started the Certified Community Habitat process in town and led the effort; John Goss, Executive Director of Indiana Wildlife Federation; and Becky Sheibelhut, former Board member of National Wildlife Federation.

The Zionsville Certified Habitat is the first Community Habitat in Indiana and is one of only 32 in the nation. Certified habitats are so important not only for wildlife but to help get kids and the rest of us outdoors. Did you know that the according to a recent study, the average American child spends more than six hours a day in front of a computer or TV screen? The Zionsville community habitat is one step toward getting kids out of doors and teaching them about nature. Find out how you can start a community wildlife habitat like Zionsville’s at National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat site.

I also attended the Indiana Wildlife Federation’s 2009 Conservation Awards Banquet. Their work to create a network of sportsmen’s groups in Indiana engaged on climate and energy issues is helping Indiana and the region be leaders in clean energy technology that will reduce global warming pollution and create millions of new jobs in America. The Indiana Wildlife Federation’s leadership to help Indiana and America find a better way to power our future and a better way to protect our planet is at the heart of what makes National Wildlife Federation’s affiliate partnerships successful. John Goss, Executive Director of Indiana Wildlife Federation, was honored as National Wildlife Federation’s Charlie Shaw Award winner this year for his leadership.


Published: June 8, 2009