Can All Senators Hear Growing Clamor for Clean Energy?

I spent the day watching the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee’s hearing on the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act. But while I listened to Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) deny even basic climate science, what was most remarkable was the news coming in from outside the hearing room:

  • President Obama announced a $3.4 billion investment in a smarter electric grid.
  • A new CNN poll shows 60% of Americans support a cap & trade system to curb global warming pollution — a 16-point rise just since April.
  • Dozens of advocates from some of the communities most vulnerable to climate change visited their members of Congress on Capitol Hill, urging them to support clean energy & climate legislation.
  • An Associated Press report thoroughly debunked the bogus “global cooling” myth pushed by Sen. Inhofe and other deniers.

Were the advocates of denial and delay listening to the news just outside the hearing room doors?