NWF Scientist Responds to Climate Email Theft

Global warming deniers have been feverishly pushing emails stolen by hackers from the accounts of climate scientists. Their argument? If any climate scientist ever discussed the best way to sort through mountains of climate data, then global warming isn’t happening. If that sounds like a bizarre conspiracy theory with no connection to fact or reality … well, welcome to the world of global warming denial.

There’s only one group of people more upset about the hacked emails than the deniers: The climate science community.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Dr. Amanda Staudt just responded to the ginned-up controversy and didn’t mince words:

Amanda Staudt

The latest attack on climate science is simply another attempt to distract from the reality that the world is warming more than ever and the buildup of heat-trapping pollution in our atmosphere is higher than it’s been in 15 million years.

While opponents want to draw attention to decade-old emails, here is what is happening right now to the planet:

Please take a moment to tell your senator that we need clean energy & climate legislation now more than ever.

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Published: December 4, 2009