Washington Post Calls for “Smart” Senate Clean Energy & Climate Bill

U.S. Capitol

In today’s Washington Post, the editorial board gets behind the efforts of Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham & Joe Lieberman to craft bipartisan clean energy & climate legislation:

If America is to deal with climate change, it has to reduce carbon emissions — the pollution caused by burning oil, gas and coal. The most cost-effective way to do that is by placing a price on carbon that gradually rises, which a cap could achieve. If well-designed, carbon pricing will attract private capital into the clean-energy effort and spur the technological innovation that will smooth the transition to a cleaner economy. Even a weak cap can be strengthened later, as long as the structure is in place. Though this seems obvious, it is a small miracle that a carbon price of any kind is still on the table in the Senate following Republican demagoguery about “cap-and-tax” proposals.

There is pressure in the Senate to forget about pricing carbon and just pass a bill filled with clean-energy subsidies. That would be both wasteful and inadequate given the scale of reductions needed.

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