NWF President: “It’s Past Time for a New Energy Plan for America”

NWF President Speaks at American Power Act Event

Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, was on Capitol Hill today for the unveiling of the American Power Act. He joined Senators John Kerry (D-MA) & Joe Lieberman (I-CT) as they revealed the details of their clean energy & climate bill. Larry called the bill an important step forward:

[T]he price of Congressional paralysis and America’s addiction to oil is no longer hidden. When oil flows into our Gulf waters as fast as our gasoline money flows to the Persian Gulf, it’s past time for a new energy plan for America.

The American Power Act has the one ingredient that is absolutely essential for any energy bill to be worth doing. It holds oil companies and other corporations accountable for doing their fair share to reduce pollution.

The work on this important bill isn’t finished, but it is vital that the Senate finish its work and deliver a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill this year. We will be mobilizing our 4 million supporters and working with our allies to make sure Senators get the message.

Will you join the National Wildlife Federation’s push for a cap on carbon pollution to protect our children, wildlife & natural resources from the worst effects of global warming?

Please take a moment right now to contact your Senators!