CoolClimate Announces Winners for Climate Change Art Competition

Drawing has never been my forte (unless sketching up stick figures counts) but more than 1,000 artists worldwide, who do know how to “paint” a picture, submitted their work through CoolClimate Art’s partner,

The competition, the first online, art contest related to climate change, asked artists to generate iconic images that address the impact of climate change.  Yesterday evening in Washington DC, CoolClimate announced the winners:

1st place:  No Pollution Please by Christos Lamprianidis (Greece)

2nd place: AIR by David Criado (Bolivia)

3rd place: Oil Spill Duck Sculpture by Donald Gialanella (Wisconsin)

4Th place:  Don’t Trash It by Starkman Design Group (California)

5Th place: Tick Tock by Juliet McIver (California)

A panel of notable art experts and celebrities selected the 20 semi-finalists who were then featured on the Huffington Post where the public voted to determine the Top 5 winners.

The winning images include reference to a range of issues related to climate change problems and solutions.  Van Jones, environmental activist and judge for the Contest stated,

These powerful images speak to the air, water, and earth that sustain us, and reveal the perils arising from our addiction to coal and oil. Human ingenuity created these problems; human creativity – on full display here – can get us out.  I encourage all environmental activists to use these images in their ongoing climate change communications.

All entries, as well as winners and finalists, can be viewed at the CoolClimate deviantART Web site. Artists are encouraged to continue to submit their creations to the CoolClimate project to connect with one another and share their work with the public.

So, even if you’re like me and can’t draw to save your life, enjoy the artistry of those who can!

First place winner: No Pollution Please by Christos Lamprianidis
Second place winner: AIR by David Criado

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Published: October 8, 2010