Conservation Funding at Risk: Contact your Senator Now!

Sandhill cranes are one of the species that will be affected by cuts to conservation

Today, people across the country are participating in a National Conservation Day of Action to protest the huge cuts to farm bill conservation programs that the House of Representative passed in their agriculture spending bill. Your Senator needs to hear from you about the importance on funding for conservation programs. The federal budget should not be balanced on the back of conservation and renewable energy.

Conservation programs such as the Wetlands Reserve Program – which pays farmers to set aside and restore wetlands through long term and permanent easements – help to improve water quality, reduce downstream flooding risk, and provide valuable habitat for migratory birds such as the sandhill crane. Other conservation programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, which the House voted to dramatically cut, help farmers and ranchers to improve soil health, water quality, and habitat for wildlife

Farm Bill conservation programs not lead to improved soil quality, reduced downstream flooding, cleaner water, and enhanced wildlife habitat, they also directly benefit rural economies through the creation of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Take action now and call your Senator by dialing (202) 224-3121.  Tell them the Senate needs to protect farm bill conservation program spending and that the House agriculture spending bill is extreme and unfair. Or, click here if you’d prefer to send an email.