Big Oil Has Big Plans to Move Forward with KXL

Delaying the Keystone XL pipeline project and the Canadian Northern Gateway pipelineis a huge victory and a step toward ending our addiction to oil.  Both of these projects were delayed because of the public opposition of dirty tar sands oil demonstrated all over the United States and Canada. But the fight isn’t over yet, and Big Oil is bringing their Most Valuable Polluter’s to Capitol Hill.

Most notably, Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister and tar sands enthusiast, had a meeting with President Obama today to discuss border security and undoubtedly the delay on the Keystone XL Pipeline. A crowd gathered outside the Canadian Embassy shouting, “Stephen Harper, can you hear us? We don’t want your tar sands oil anywhere near us!”


Already, Congress has tried expediting the Keystone XL pipeline project by attaching it to the payroll tax cut legislation that needs to pass before the end of the year.

In a press conference held after meeting with the Prime Minister, Obama pledged to veto any pay roll tax legislation that would shortcut the approval of Keystone XL.

Canada’s Track Record on Climate Change

Protesters carry an inflatable Keystone Xl pipeline around the White House during the Nov. 6th rally. (Photo: Marine Jaouen)
Canada’s increasingly catastrophic projects, like the Keystone XL pipeline or the Northern Gateway pipeline, prove Canada to be leading the charge in ignoring climate change and investing in dirty energy.  This could not be more evident than in Durban, South Africa where the 2011 Durban Climate Summit is taking place. Speculation that Canada will pull out of the Kyoto Protocol on December 23rd, coupled with a statement by Environment Minister Peter Kent that, “Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past” prove that Canada has no intention of putting people before polluters.

Canadian indigenous and youth activists protested tar sands at the Durban Climate Change Summit.  They were immediately kicked out of the conference, but did receive loud applause from the delegates who were hoping to establish stronger global commitments to combating climate change.

Why We Need to Take Action

Take ActionThe pressure from Big Oil to move tar sands projects forward is intensifying. They are lobbying our members of Congress, and one of their largest cheerleaders, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is growing anxious to see tar sands be developed and exported.

Help us show President Obama and our members of Congress that we are not beholden to Big Oil.