NWF Calls for Campus Case Studies on Sustainability Efforts

National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Program is calling for case studies on campus sustainability efforts and green jobs training programs from the 2011-2012 academic year; case studies are due on August 3, 2012. NWF’s Campus Ecology program has published case studies each year since 1989, making this our 23rd annual call.

Georgia Institute of Technology - 2011 Case Study on Game Day Recycling
Benefits to campuses include:

  • Sharing campus efforts with colleges and universities nationwide;
  • Published case studies will be shared with NWF’s campus contact list of more than 25,000 students, faculty and staff, plus our social media networks;
  • Our database is a great resource to help campuses document their efforts; the database is searchable by topic, state, year and school and has more than 650 case studies!
  • National press release promoting the 2012 case studies.

Each year NWF’s Campus Ecology program publishes case studies contributed by its members and partners showcasing their campus sustainability practices and global warming solutions for the past school year (2011-2012). NWF will release these illustrated reports in Fall 2012 in our online, searchable case study database, one of our most popular resources. Colleges and universities throughout the U.S. have made great strides toward addressing global warming and protecting wildlife and habitat. We invite you to share your success stories and let other campuses learn from you!

Click here to review the case study guidelines and use our template to get started.

Schools are welcome to submit more than one case study on multiple projects in different areas of sustainability and green workforce development. Case studies can focus on completed projects/programs or projects still in development.

Contact Campus Ecology with any questions: