NWF Celebrates Earth Day on Today Show

Happy Earth Day!

My monthly appearance on the Today Show fell on Earth Day this year, which was a nice coincidence given that wildlife conservation and protecting the planet were already on everyone’s mind.

Below is the clip of the segment. As always I was there to introduce some wonderful animal ambassadors. You’ll see that some are cute and some beautiful, but as I pointed out to Kathie Lee and Hoda, even the scary or gross-looking animals are still important and worthy of our protection.

In the clip, I mention National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Adoption Program, which you can check out here.  It’s a great way to support NWF’s mission and help wildlife on Earth Day.

[flash width=”592″ height=”346″ movie=”http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32545640″ FlashVars=”launch=51620750&width=592&height=346″]

NWF Naturalist David Mizejewski introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to a critically endangered black and white ruffed lemur.