Top 3 Reasons to GiveBIG on May 15

National Wildlife Federation’s Pacific Regional Center is gearing up for GiveBIG 2013 on May 15th–the Seattle Foundation’s one-day, online charitable giving event!

Return to our page on May 15th to donate to National Wildlife Federation through GiveBIG!

Here are three reasons why we hope you will choose to support us through GiveBIG on May 15th:

Children with Minnow
Photo: USFWS
1. You can make a big difference to protect Washington’s at-risk wildlife and inspire the next generation of conservationists! Your support help us fund our conservation education work–including our Be Out There program, which provides practical tools to help families and children get outside and connect with nature. Your donation will help fund:

* Exciting Great American Backyard Campout events this summer, including events serving people with limited resources and veterans.

* Our work with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to increase public awareness and support of our state park system, which is being impacted by severe budget shortfalls that are leaving wildlife in jeopardy and impairing our ability to enjoy the outdoors.

* Outreach to new communities and training programs for volunteers through our Certified Wildlife Habitat® program, which helps maintain and build biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest.

2. The more you give, the more National Wildlife Federation receives! All donations made through The Seattle Foundation’s website on May 15th will receive a percentage of the matching funds (or “stretch”) pool from GiveBIG sponsors.

3. You could be randomly selected for a “Golden Ticket” that gives NWF an extra $1,000 from The Seattle Foundation and other sponsors. You’ll also be eligible to win airline tickets, gift cards, and more!

Stay tuned for details and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for GiveBIG reminders and updates!