Weekly News Roundup- November 22, 2013

What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?

John Kostyack on CCTV

Polar bear mom cleaning cub

Nov 22- In this engaging interview, NWF’s Vice President for Wildlife Conservation John Kostyack was on CCTV to talk about the devastating effects of climate change on polar bear populations.

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David Mizejewski on the Today Show


Nov 22- Gobble up the fun! David brought in a rambunctious turkey and other iconic American wildlife for this special Thanksgiving-themed segment. Watch as Kathie Lee and Hoda head for the hills when some of the animals come out. It’s hilarious!

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National Wildlife Federation Connects Kids to Nature Via Interactive Tech Toy Ubooly With The “Ranger Rick Ubooly Outdoor Adventure Campaign”

Ranger Rick Ubooly Play Pack App

Nov 22-National Wildlife Federation has joined forces with Ubooly, the innovative, app-based learning toy that can turn a walk in the park into an interactive experience, to build much needed awareness and investments through the first-ever “Ranger Rick Ubooly Outdoor Adventure Campaign.”

Ubooly bridges the online and offline space, meeting kids where they are—on smartphones—and ushering them beyond the screen into active, educational adventures. Inspired by NWF’s ability to broaden kids love and understanding of nature and get them into the outdoors, Ubooly created a tailored learning experience or “play pack” with Ranger Rick to invite kids to play outside and learn about their surroundings while they are at it.

This holiday season, families can download the Ubooly app and get the Ranger Rick Outdoor Adventure Playpacks with proceeds going to support NWF’s conservation and education efforts.

For more information: www.Ubooly.com/RangerRick.

Watch NWF’s Ubooly Advertisement here.


National coalition targets bills that would cancel leasing reforms, reduce opportunities for public input and block federal fracking regulations.


Nov 20-Two bills being voted upon this week by the U.S. House of Representatives would undermine leasing reforms intended to balance energy development activities on public lands, require a set percentage of nominated acres to be offered for lease regardless of potential impacts to fish and wildlife, and limit the federal government’s ability to conserve public lands resources important to hunters and anglers, Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development announced today.

“These bills continue the onslaught on public lands that attempts to prioritize energy development over all other resources values,” said Kate Zimmerman, the National Wildlife Federation’s public lands policy director. NWF is a member of the SFRED coalition. “There is nothing strategic about an energy policy that eliminates balance between development and other resources values and threatens the nation’s vibrant and critically important outdoor recreation-based economy.”

Read a letter from the SFRED coalition to the House of Representatives concerning H.R. 1965 and H.R. 2728. 


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

MSNBC:  Gulf states get first $113 million from oil spill fines

Times-Picayune: Will Morganza to the Gulf survive House-Senate negotiations over new water policy bill?

Denver Post: Feds’ push to end endangered protection for gray wolves ignites foes

San Antonio Express News: Texas rice farmers may go 3rd year without water

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal: Report: Climate change targeting Pennsylvania’s big-game animals

Detroit News: Moose’s gains in Mich. slow to crawl

Fishing Wire: Sportsmen Oppose House Bills Threatening Public Lands