Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlights: Jorge Losoya

This Hispanic Heritage Month, members of the Latinx, Hispanic, and Multicultural Employee Resource Group at National Wildlife Federation are coming together to share our stories — in our own words. Join us as we explore the complexities of our identities throughout the month.

Jorge conducting field work with Dove Springs residents.

Name: Jorge Losoya

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Position: One Water and Water Equity Fellow

What interests you about conservation?

Human and environmental interactions are what I find most interesting about conservation. There are so many ways that people’s personal, emotional, and cultural connections to nature and wildlife can inform local strategies for conservation.

How would you describe your cultural identity? How do you identify yourself? Why?

Cultural identity has always been a difficult question, especially being born and raised on the Texas-Mexico border, a place where both cultures converge. I’ve always considered myself Mexican–American, but grappled with it when I left home to attend college in Austin. To this day I continue to reflect on how being from the border informs my identity and express it through my art. I tend to maneuver between Latino and Mexican–American depending on the spaces I am in.

How did you end up at the National Wildlife Federation?

After graduating from UT Austin, I found a position at NWF, Texas Coast and Water program where I could make an impact in a field I was passionate about, water planning and management.

A favorite field site in Jorge’s hometown Del Rio, Texas. Photo by Jorge.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

After leaving my hometown on the Texas-Mexico border, Hispanic Heritage Month has gained more meaning. For me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for reflection and Latinx visibility. Hispanic Heritage Month has gained more meaning to me after leaving my hometown of Del Rio. It then became a time where I saw more of my culture celebrated and visible while I’m away from home.

What is one thing you want others to know about Latinidad?

Latinidad is a complex term that carries various meanings for different people. As with many categorical terms for identification its continually being debated and explored.