…and the polls will close in New Hampshire. Eric Orff and I spent the day on Elm Street in Manchester, holding global warming signs and talking to media, campaign supporters, and tons of people who are just here to take it all in!

Nh_3_005_4 And certainly there was plenty to take in. Our crew managed to build snowmen on many busy street corners of Manchester, including the big one pictured here in front of the Radisson where most of the media is headquartered. It was the perfect magnet, sparking conversations with countless reporters and passersby. The posted pictures will hopefully give you flavor of all the craziness here in Manchester!

Eric was reminiscing about his time on Elm Street in the 60s, when  the 60s were “cool”. Eric grew up in Londonderry, not 10 miles from here. He remembers when he first got his license and cruised Elm Street to be cool – not at all like today where temperatures flirted with the 60s and melting snowmen lined the street (thanks to us, of course!)

Nh_3_009_4Back in the 60s Elm Street was cool in January, but today temperature records were expected to be broken all across the state. And it is not just the temperatures heating up the streets of New Hampshire, this state is red hot with talk of politics and heated debates over what kind of leader this country needs.

You can feel the intensity increasing as the workday ends and more New Hampshire voters head to the polls and out to the streets to join the ranks of campaign supporters that are wildly cheering for their favorite. In just a few hours we’ll see who wins over the guy pictured here – with perhaps the most relevant sign on the street today!

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Published: January 8, 2008