NWF Scientist Details Climate Change’s Threats to Chesapeake Bay

DucksThe National Wildlife Federation’s Dr. Doug Inkley testified before the Virginia Commission on Climate Change yesterday, detailing the effects of warming temperatures and rising sea levels on fish and wildlife. Virginia’s trout and duck populations are particularly at risk. And in the Chesapeake Bay, climate change is just one of many threats to oysters and crabs.

The hearing also presented some startling previews of how rising sea levels will impact Virginia’s Hampton Roads area. When it comes to hurricanes and flooding, Hampton Roads is already one of America’s most vulnerable places. Higher water and stronger storms brought on by global warming will only make things worse.

You can view the slides from Dr. Inkley’s presentation below or here (2.7MB PDF) or read the National Wildlife Federation’s recent report on sea level rise and the Chesapeake Bay.

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