Green Technologies Highlighted At Annual Congressional Renewable Energy Expo

NWF   |   August 5, 2008

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Nearly 50 exhibitors presented sustainable energy technology
solutions at the 11th annual Energy Efficiency Expo. 

Trade groups, governmental agencies, and non-profits were
invited to Capitol Hill to present their clean energy advancements.  The
forum was hosted by the Sustainable
Energy Coalition
(SEC) in cooperation with members of the Congressional
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucuses. 

The daylong energy expo began with a news conference with
members of Congress, during which Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA) announced
the introduction of the U.S.
Climate Action Now (CAN) Act
.  “…We can’t throw our hands in the air
and stand idle this year as the planet cooks,” Inslee said. 

Presenters focused on transportation advancements, meeting
today’s demands for clean energy, and reducing energy costs by improving

“Each group sees themselves as the next big thing, while
recognizing that each technology is only a part of the (climate) solution,”
said Amy Sauer of the Environmental and Energy
Study Institute
, a member of the SEC. 

Hydropower groups push for marine energy in coastal areas;
the wind industry underscored the need for power in rural places; and solar
advocates touted sun power in urban locations. 

Making these technologies available for the average American
consumer is critical: renewable technologies require investment, and the
development of the wind, hydro and solar industries will continue to provide
millions of jobs
worldwide and cut energy costs in the long-term. 

As The
Economist reports
, “The future price of these resources—zero—is known.”

Published: August 5, 2008