Danielle’s Good Neighbor of the Week: Tracy Perkins

This week’s neighbor is Tracy Perkins, an awesome blogger and vegan crafter. Tracy is definitely doing  her part to be a good neighbor. She was also kind enough to answer a few questions for me as to how and why she’s a good neighbor to wildlife.

Tracyperkins What inspired you to start your blog and “go green”?
Tracy Perkins: I have been making my eco-friendly products and eating a vegan diet for years now.  That in itself is a “green” effort. But beyond that I have a deep love and respect for Mother Earth, being a geology teacher and general lover of life. I decided to begin blogging about it to share with anyone interested just how easy it can be to live a healthier life in better balance with nature without giving up all the perks like great skin care and tasty desserts!

Have you ever helped a friend make environmentally friendly choices?
TP: I have been told by friends that I have saved them loads of time researching just by blogging.  I think by blogging my own efforts I can answer questions before they are asked. For example, I know I have helped a lot of people better understand the contents and potential dangers of conventional bath and body products and how to become more informed consumers by reading labels and looking for key ingredients to avoid that are particularly hard on our bodies and on the environment.

Part of being a good neighbor is being good to everything around you! Please name a time you’ve felt truly connected to your community.
TP: We live in a society of such isolation and focus on individuality it is important to stress community to balance us out.  I feel most connected to the community when I can meet with friends and have quality conversations or when I am in my classroom watching my students work through environmental problems together.  I think fostering honest, thoughtful conversation is the best thing we can do to build community.

What do you think being a good neighborhood entails?

TP: Besides Mr. Rogers?  :c)  I think a good neighborhood entails respect for people and places that are a part of the community.  To have a good neighborhood we must value the words, actions, and opinions of those around us.  I think a good neighborhood allows for genuine discussion and opinions that may not always fit together but creates a space of safety and trust.  Along with that, respecting the place is important as well by giving back to not just the people around us but to the animals, plants, and all features of the landscape.

Tracy’s very busy running Strawberry Hedgehog where she sells vegan bath products, she’s also head of the Soap Club. For those of you who want to stay clean and “green” check out her stuff.

If you’d like to check out some other great neighbors visit my neighborhood. If you’d like to join, let me know! Email me at  brigidad [@] nwf.org

Published: October 27, 2008